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Club News January 15th

On Friday last the 12th of January the annual meeting of the joint management committee was held, a lively discussion was had which covered all of the ongoing development of the club going forward, it was highlighted for every member to give a little and as consequence a serious benefit would accrue for the club, any member who feels that they have something to contribute please do not hesitate to come forward.
Tributes were paid in abundance to the outgoing captains, Willie Gilbert and Mary O Hanlon for the effort they put in during the year, and several comments were made regarding Willie’s 120-mile round trips to make himself available to the club. They thanked in their speeches all the members of the club for their support and made reference to Margaret in the office for all her help support and wise council, to Lucas and his smiling staff who continue to raise the standard of food provided for members and visitors alike, and the course staff got praise for the way the course was presented despite the weather.
The outgoing Captains were at pains to thank our sponsors for their generosity in the past year, and for the coming year.
Brian and his staff in the pro shop help in the smooth running of the club and now is the time for everyone to make use of his ability to get your game for the coming season.
The committee elected for the new year was as follows:

Presidents: Martin Maher  Teresa Freyne

Captains: Jim Keogh  Betty McGrath

Vice captains: Jim O’Brien  Noelle Cody

Hon. Secretary: Jim Well Wood

Treasurer: Cathal O’Reilly

Committee: Rickard Burke, Richard Needham, Joe Pollard, Nigel Dagg, Seamus Cuddihy, Joe Madigan, Anne O’Shea, Anne Wemyss.

Don Bolger the outgoing President who chaired the meeting thanked everyone for their contributions, and he and the outgoing lady President Olive Walsh were congratulated for their efforts on behalf of the club

Happy Golfing.